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Ellen was very knowledgeable and informative about her product. After listening to my concerns she was able to provide me with what I was looking for in a much quicker time period than services I received elsewhere in the past. The end results: looking so natural!


Ellen was absolutely amazing at doing my Botox. She took the time to thoroughly assess my face and listen carefully regarding the areas I wanted her to focus on. She was extremely knowledgeable about how to achieve the look I wanted while still making my face look natural. I had some very deep forehead wrinkles that even after a month of my treatment are still practically nonexistent. 

I’ve had Botox elsewhere prior to Ellen and can honestly say her products have already provided me with longer lasting results. Additionally she was professional, made me feel comfortable and the treatment was relatively pain free. I would highly recommend her and will def it let be getting more Botox from her in the future!!!


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