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Virtual Skin Consult

15 minutes/Free

This complimentary consult is scheduled before you come in for your first skin treatment.  This will help our Esthetician discuss your skin concerns, and come up with a good plan of action for when you arrive for your appointment.  We want your actual service to be tackling, and resolving your skin issues with treatments.  Your time is valuable, and this helps cut out the small talk.  This will leave you with not only fully enjoying your service, but no longer feeling the overwhelm of what to do next after you leave.


Skin Envy Signature Facial

60 minutes/$65

This gentle enzyme facial is effective for exfoliation and skin resurfacing without all the downtime.  This particular enzyme treatment creates an enzymatic reaction that can digest dead skin cells without harming normal living healthy cells. You will see an immediate improvement in your skin’s texture and clarity, with your skin appearing smoother and more refined.

For all skin types

Anti-aging Facial

60 minutes/$75

Amplify anti-aging correction for dramatically smooth, flawlessly clear and radiantly hydrated skin. This retinol-based facial utilizes the highest concentration of retinol and multiple advanced technologies for enhanced resurfacing and skin refining effects. This corrective facial will provide you with immediate visible skin retexturization and refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in helping you to minimize the appearance of all your fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and facial discoloration.

For all skin types


Firming C Antioxidant Facial

60 minutes/$75

Do you lack firmness or elasticity?  With both lipid soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to boost collagen production, repair free-radical damage and enhance your facial tone, this facial will provide instant visible results. Your skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer and lifted with a more defined facial contour. 

For all skin types

Luminous Brightening Facial

60 minutes/$75

Is your skin looking dull or lacking luminosity?  This facial helps to visibly improve the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies, and antioxidants. Uncover your most vibrant skin by revealing a brighter, more even skin tone and youthful appearance.

For all skin types

Sensitive Skin Facial

60 minutes/$70

For your delicate reactive skin take advantage of this facial.  While still gently exfoliating, we utilize hydrating and calming ingredients to help improve texture, clarity and reduce redness.  Whether you have fragile skin, rosacea, scaling, or peeling skin you’ll leave with your skin feeling cool, hydrated and refreshed. 


Prenatal Facial

60 minutes/$75

Your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy.  Using the right combination of products this facial will be catered to whatever you may be struggling with.  Just want a basic facial?  Then just come to relax and be pampered!

Men’s Facial

60 minutes/$70

Men need Facials too! This facial is tailored for a man’s specific skincare needs. The treatment starts with a deep cleansing, followed by an exfoliating scrub and extraction. To help replenish the skin, the facial concludes with a cool, soothing mask used to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation.

Deep Cleansing Acne Facial

75 minutes/$80

Tired of nothing working for your breakout-prone skin?  This revolutionary treatment is designed to help clear skin, help control acne pimples and revitalize fatigued, stressed, and dull skin.  A deep cleanse to the pores with additional extraction time will help reveal clearer, and cleaner skin. 


30 minutes/Added to a Facial: $40/Booked alone: $70

If you’re in need of some great exfoliating and would like to rid of that unwanted peach fuzz on your face, then you need this service.  Using a sharp edge, it opens up the channels on the skin by scraping away unwanted dead skin, dirt, oil, and hair.  This leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.  Any products applied to the skin after this procedure will help your skin to absorb them and have better penetration than usual.  Meaning you’ll see the positive cause of the heavy exfoliation dermaplaning gives. 

Teen Facial

45 minutes/$70

Designed to address the skin needs of today’s teens, including treating and caring for acne breakouts, clogged pores, oiliness, and sensitivity.  This also introduces and helps to educate your teen on how to properly care for their skin, and start them on a life-long path of healthy skincare. 


No down-time Peel

30 minutes/$75 booked alone

$50 added to a facial (no time added)

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